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Bugger, There Go Our Civil Rights

Every day I walk through Moorgate on my way to work. I work about five minutes walk from Liverpool Street station. I have worked in Tavistock Square where the bus exploded. So I am fearful. Fearful that New Labour will use these attacks as an excuse to get rid of Britain's remaining civil rights.

The attacks will be used to push through the Orwellian national biometric database scheme. Charles Clarke will claim that ID cards could have helped stop these attacks. Just like they stopped the Madrid bombings.

BEFORE this attack, Labour introduced indefinite house-arrest on police whim, mass electronic surveillance, and jail for anyone protesting in parliament square without government permission. So imagine how illiberal they'll be AFTER these attacks.

So, congratulations Al Qaeda! Thanks to you, New Labour will abolish all remaining British civil liberties in a knee-jerk reaction to your bombs.Our Authoritarian Daily-Mail-Pandering government will ensure that you win, through the very actions designed to stop you.

Some more thoughts of my thoughts on this attack can be found on my other blog.

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