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President Bush's Secret Weapon


Behind every successful world leader there lies a great speechwriter, whose masterfully choosen words resonate with the values and hopes of their nation.

In an exclusive interview with Comedy Central, Bush's main speechwriter, Harlan McCraney, provides a rare glimpse behind-the-scenes at the influences and philosophy that underpin many of President Bush's most memorable speeches.

The 14 Megabytes video is worth the wait. Requires Apple QuickTime.

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Your Right To Protest Without Government Approval

I will apply for authorisation to demonstrate in the vicinity of Parliament every day for a month...

Sign up now! It's your right to protest peacefully without prior police state approval that's at stake.

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Stephen Byers Bomb-a-like?

Stephen Byers Look-a-like Magdi Mahmoud al-NasharIs it just me, or does the man alleged to be the bomb-maker behind the London attacks look strikingly similar to Stephen Byers?

The former man denies carrying out a premeditated attack on Britain's railway system.

Stephen Byers on the other hand... was unavailable for comment.

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Rejoice! Rejoice!

Siredwardheath2Ted Heath's dead!

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Ted Heath Is Almost Dead. Hooray!


Order the Champagne. Get those party invitations ready. For Sky News reports that:

Sir Edward Heath... has recently become considerably weaker.

He is now nearing the end of his life.

All I can say is, it's about bloody time.

Once I wanted to create a subdomain for the domain BY-ELECTION.ORG.UK, and so I asked myself 'who is the parliamentarian most likely to die'. The obvious answer was the oldest, Ted Heath.

I created www.bexley.by-election.org.uk and put up a spoof obituary of Sir Edward.

I mentioned this as a joke in an after-dinner speech I was giving, and one of the guests decided it would be a perfect piece of gossip for the London Evening Standard diary column.

They decided not to run the piece, but only after phoning Sir Edward's office to find out his thoughts on the news of his death.

Apparently he didn't take it well. Sir Edward fired off a 'terse' letter to Imperial College (at which I was a student) accusing the site of being a misuse of college facilities and demanding that Imperial have the web site removed immediately.

This placed the college in an invidious position. They had little choice but to institute disciplinary proceedings against me. Not wishing to get chucked out for my free speech in my own time without recourse to college computing facilities, I agreed to remove the web site, and not to republish it 'whilst I remained a student at the college'.

Of course, I'm no longer a student at the college. However were I to publish something calling someone a fat communist-sympathising Liberal Democrat, some former Conservative Prime Ministers might see that as libellous. Of course, there's a saying: you can't libel the dead.

Once Sir Edward dies, I'll submit a Freedom of Information request to the college to see if I can get a copy of his letter of complaint. At the moment the 'parliamentary privilege' exemption probably kills any hope of me getting a copy (if they still have it). But I'm hoping that once the bastard dies they'll be likely to be more open to letting me have a copy.

Of course, Sir Edward has been ill for some time. A friend of mine went to a pro-EU event a year ago, and commented on Sir Edward:

"He didn't seem terribly alive!

When he left it was by his bodyguards lifting him by the arms and kinda dragging him along the floor whilst he sort of eyeballed people with a look that said "who on earth are you lot, where am I, what am I doing out of bed, where am I being taken now"

I believe Sir Edward was a traitor to his country.

I will be glad when he dies.

I look forward to his death.

Update: He's Dead.

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Bugger, There Go Our Civil Rights

Every day I walk through Moorgate on my way to work. I work about five minutes walk from Liverpool Street station. I have worked in Tavistock Square where the bus exploded. So I am fearful. Fearful that New Labour will use these attacks as an excuse to get rid of Britain's remaining civil rights.

The attacks will be used to push through the Orwellian national biometric database scheme. Charles Clarke will claim that ID cards could have helped stop these attacks. Just like they stopped the Madrid bombings.

BEFORE this attack, Labour introduced indefinite house-arrest on police whim, mass electronic surveillance, and jail for anyone protesting in parliament square without government permission. So imagine how illiberal they'll be AFTER these attacks.

So, congratulations Al Qaeda! Thanks to you, New Labour will abolish all remaining British civil liberties in a knee-jerk reaction to your bombs.Our Authoritarian Daily-Mail-Pandering government will ensure that you win, through the very actions designed to stop you.

Some more thoughts of my thoughts on this attack can be found on my other blog.

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Happy Independence Day!

Americanflag As a Brit, I'm sick of ever rising British taxes and meddling British governments.

So too was America, on July 4th 1776. They revolted, and they've never looked back.

To my friends across the Atlantic, Happy Independence Day. You lucky, lucky bastards.

Some of us here in Britain are still waiting for our revolution.

Of course, if the revolution does finally arrive, British government collaborators* will be the first to be shot.

Tragically, my dear brother will be among them. Still such things can't be helped.

Progress is never without cost...

* British government collaborators prefer to be called 'civil servant's by their slaves

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