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Paddy Ashdown - MI6 Agent

PaddyashdownA substantial, incomplete, list of 276 past and present MI6 agents has been leaked to Cryptome, a US web site.

The British press aren't allowed to tell you who is on the list, and have generally avoided mentioning this huge security breach.

Judging by the traffic spike in the web site's traffic report, the damage has already been done. The information is irrevocably in the public domain.

So there'll be no harm in me highlight one entry:

Jeremy John Durham Ashdown (Paddy Ashdown): dob 1941; 74 Geneva (1 Sec).

In other words, MI6 posted Paddy Ashdown to Geneva in 1974, where he worked under diplomatic cover, holding the post of First Secretary at the British Embassy.

Update: Why would the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs be searching for "Paddy Ashdown M16" via Google? God, I love my Orwellian web-site visitor tracking system!

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