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Why We Must Attack Iran

Radiation Warning Sign on Wire Mesh Fence

Sky News reports that:

Iran is ready to share its nuclear know-how with other countries, its supreme leader has said.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made the announcement after talks with the visiting Sudanese president, Omar Hassan al-Bashir.

Iran is currently in a nuclear standoff with the West, which fears Tehran is secretly developing atomic weapons that could be used by terrorists.

Iran insists it only wants nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

"The nuclear strength of the Iranian scientists is an example of several scientific currents in Iran that are going ahead, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to transfer the experience, science and technology of its scientists," state television quoted Mr Khamenei as saying.

Iranian lawmaker Kamal Daneshyar, head of parliament's energy committee, said the country may offer training to other like-minded nations.

"Iranian nuclear scientists can easily train other Islamic countries in uranium enrichment and nuclear fuel production," he said.

The United Nations has demanded that the Tehran halt uranium enrichment, but Iran says it will continue the work.

The International Atomic Energy Agency is due to report to the UN Security Council by Friday on whether Iran is complying with UN demands.

For  ages the left have been going on about how we must not invade Iran, that diplomacy is the solution, and threatening force is not the answer.

Well, Iran has played the left-wing International community for the fools they are. It's been stringing European diplomats along for years to buy time. Whilst we've been on our hands and knees begging without leverage (sorry, 'negotiating'), Iran has been enriching Uranium. And now it's about to share that technology with brutal unpopular dictatorships, including those who financially support terrorism.

Iranian flag

The Iranian government is training people to murder British soldiers. It is not going to shy away from passing nuclear knowledge far and wide in countries where a sizable minority are hostile to the US and the UK. The more the technology spreads, the greater the odds that nuclear technology will be leaked to groups planning atrocities.

On 7/7, I was about five minutes away from Liverpool Station, and one of the blasts. The dead bodies and dead body parts were brought to the Honorary Artillery Company grounds just across the road from where I work. Thanks to Iran, the 7/7 bombers successors may have a nuclear bomb.

As an Anglo-Iranian, who has lived in Tehran, and who would have a right to an Iranian passport, my message is simple: We must launch an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. We must do it now. If conventional weapons are not powerful enough to stop Iran's nuclear proliferation, we must be prepared to use nuclear weapons.

If we do not, tens of thousands will die from nuclear terrorist attacks on London, New York or Washington over the next few deacdes. 9/11 will seem minor in comparison.

We cannot afford to let nations with a history of helping terrorists, gain access to nuclear bombs.

France will hoist the white flag, as usual. Germany too. They are the coward nations, afraid of facing reality. We cannot afford to place the security of our people in the hands of the UN, for as  satirical conservative news site Scrappleface so accurately stated: Iran Years from Nuke, U.N. Decades from Action.

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Veritas, Veritas, The Party of the Vain and Crass...


A great animation by Doghorse and Eclectech.

In all fairness to Veritas, I suspect only a minority of their members exist are vain and crass. 

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Newsnight Uses Republican Weasel-Words Specialist. Fails To Disclose, Again.

You may remember David Davis was doing quite well, until shortly after Newsnight hired American focus-group master Frank Luntz to conduct research on voter reactions to the Conservative leadership candidates.

Mike Smithson, an authority on UK political betting wrote...

...the most important Tory leadership factor this week was not anything that happened in the conference hall, but a feature on Newsnight showing the leading US pollster, Frank Luntz, conducting a focus group.

If you have not seen this yet then this is must and you can still download a video from the the programme’s website. It’s the most compelling and influential piece of political television in a long time and had a huge impact on the leadership betting markets.

Those being surveyed watched videos of the five contenders with meters in their hand where they could react instantly to what they were seeing on the screen.

What was being presented suggests that Cameron appears to resonate with people of all ages and political persuasions in a way that no other UK politician has done since the emergence of Tony Blair.

As Wat Tyler pointed out at the time, Luntz isn't just an American polling expert. He's a Republican pollster, known for advising the party on its choice of language. You no longer increase the amount of Arsenic you allow in drinking water. Instead you "update" the environmental act, based on "sound science". Words such as 'government' and 'privatization' are to be avoided. Avoid the policy, go for fluffy apple-pie sentiments.

Well, it appears that BBC Newsnight, not content with attempting to sway the Conservative Party's leadership election away from David Davis towards someone more to their tastes, are now trying to push Blair to go.

They hired Luntz again, to conduct a focus group on the party leaders and Gordon Brown. The result? People like Cameron and they want Blair to go.

I'm sure they do. But Luntz's connection to the centre-right and his like of fluffy language that Cameron excels at using, is clearly relevant. It should have been disclosed. It was not.

You can read more about Luntz's views on how political parties should present their case by reading his guide for Republicans seeking re-election in 2006, uncovered by Daily Kos.

Update: In segment five of a PBS documentary, The Persuaders, Luntz shows a journalist around his home, showing him momentos  from his campaign work for Silvio Berlusconi, John Mccain and Rudolf Giuliani..
[Hat-tip: A resurgent Liberal]

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No-one Left To Lie To

"The scandal-ridden Labour Party is discredited, out of cash, and out of luck. To put it simply, they have no one left to lie to."

The above quote is from Adam Yoshida, a great blogger who believes that the pen is mighter than the sword, and the nuke is mightier than the pen.

Actually, he said Liberal Party, and was writing about Canadian politics. But the phrase fits Labour well doesn't it?

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It's Dave Cameron The Chameleon



  • My initial reaction: That's great. It combines a political message, humour, and cute animals!
  • Second laters: Look a Chameleon on a bike! That's creative, plus added authenticity...
  • 10 seconds later: Following the scandal over Labour's hidden loans, cleaners on the minimum wage may shortly be paying their taxes to fund such childish (if amusing) campaigns. I don't think that's right.
  • Final thought: Labour have a bit of a cheek complaining about an unpopular party choosing a leader who says whatever he thinks his audience want to hear. Someone else has clearly had the same thought, and has registered TonyTheChameleon.com

You may recall that I commented in Labour's Reaction: The Dog That Didn't Bark, that...

Labour really hasn't got a clue how to handle Cameron's election.

The Dave The Chameleon campaign means Labour have finally decided how to handle Cameron. They're taking the line 'Cameron's faking, he's really a Tory Toff'. That's a high-risk strategy. It draws attention to the Conservative changes, and will lose credibility as Cameron maintains his present course.

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[Hat-tip: Iain Dale]

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