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It's Dave Cameron The Chameleon



  • My initial reaction: That's great. It combines a political message, humour, and cute animals!
  • Second laters: Look a Chameleon on a bike! That's creative, plus added authenticity...
  • 10 seconds later: Following the scandal over Labour's hidden loans, cleaners on the minimum wage may shortly be paying their taxes to fund such childish (if amusing) campaigns. I don't think that's right.
  • Final thought: Labour have a bit of a cheek complaining about an unpopular party choosing a leader who says whatever he thinks his audience want to hear. Someone else has clearly had the same thought, and has registered TonyTheChameleon.com

You may recall that I commented in Labour's Reaction: The Dog That Didn't Bark, that...

Labour really hasn't got a clue how to handle Cameron's election.

The Dave The Chameleon campaign means Labour have finally decided how to handle Cameron. They're taking the line 'Cameron's faking, he's really a Tory Toff'. That's a high-risk strategy. It draws attention to the Conservative changes, and will lose credibility as Cameron maintains his present course.

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[Hat-tip: Iain Dale]

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