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The Corrupt Labour Party Pays Back Unions By Screwing Businesses Hit By Strikes

Let's say you run a business, and that some of your employees decide to break their contractual commitments by going on strike, leaving your business and your customers in the lurch.

So, how would you respond?

You might think: "We'll hire temps to cover the work normally done by the strikers. This will ensure  our customers aren't affected and the damage to our business is minimised".

A sane answer. But unfortunately, the millions of pounds the unions have spent propping up the corrupt Labour party seem to have paid off:

The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003, Part I, 7 states:

"... an employment business shall not introduce or supply a work seeker to
a hirer to perform... the duties normally performed by a worker who is taking part in a strike"

The next time Labour crows about being pro-business or pro-enterprise, remind them that their sleazy government deliberately changed the law to ensure businesses would be screwed by strikes, unable to replace work-shy workers with temps. You can almost hear the glee of Labour's paymasters as their rub employers noses in this unbelievable law.

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Your Taxes go on Sex, Drugs, Vomiting and Fighting. The Rest is Wasted.

The Rural Payments Agency has failed to make payments to 93% of UK Farmers [Hat-tip: BurningOurMoney].

This isn't down to a dose of common sense, in which they decided to tell those rural scroungers to put away their begging bowls and get an economically viable job like the rest of us. Unfortunately the non-payments are merely down to incompetence on a grand scale.

But if the Rural Payments Agency isn't ... um... making rural payments what exactly ARE they doing?

Well, according to Reuters, they're taking drugs, vomiting, fighting and having sex:

Workers punished for naked pranks

LONDON (Reuters) - A government worker has been sacked and another demoted following allegations they were involved in serious misconduct, including leaping naked from filing cabinets and having sex in office lavatories.

Newspaper reports said staff at the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) in Newcastle in northeast England also took drugs at work, brawled in the reception area and carried out pranks such as vomiting in cups and leaving them for other people to find.

"Action has been taken to strengthen RPA Newcastle with a senior manager drafted in to take charge while the investigation and series of disciplinary actions to resolve some instances of serious misconduct and behavioural problems there is concluded," the RPA said in a statement on Tuesday.

An investigation into the alleged misconduct was launched on May 24 after an internal memo was sent to managers by repulsed fellow workers, the statement said.

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Bob Neill - The Perfect Candidate for Bromley & Chislehurst

BobneillI live in the Bromley & Chislehurst constituency.

Following the untimely death of Eric Forth MP, there is to be a by-election.

The choice of Bob Neill is perfect. I don't know of Bob because he's on some Cameron-approved list. I know of Bob because I've canvassed with him on quite a few occasions. He is the sort of person who was out on the doorstep canvassing, while some of the A-list were still in bed, and still in the Labour party.

He's the perfect choice. Good-natured, intelligent, hard-working, and a sound Conservative. I'm delighted he'll soon be my MP.

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Tax Freedom Day 2006

Graph showing the year slit into Tax and Income, proportional to the total taxes paid by the average tax payer

Having been the government's unpaid slave in January, February, March etc, you can now, finally, start working for your own benefit.

But then again, if you had any living expenses in January, February, March etc, you'll probably still working to pay the costs of paying the government. Given the proportion of salary usually spent on transport and other work-related expenses, you'll probably a slave to the government for half the year.

You don't mind spending 20+ years of your life working as an unpaid slave, working to buy the votes of the feckless, lazy and irresponsible do you?

The politicians who produce nothing, steal your money and spend it bribing voters are entirely unselfish. In fact, the BBC tells me they are morally virtuous.

Just look at the calibre of our politicians. Just look at them. Is keeping each of these individuals in jobs worth a billion pounds PER PERSON, PER YEAR?

Where the hell is Guy Fawkes when you need him?

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