Shadow Home Office Minister Arrested!

It used to only be in Putin's Russia that Police would burst into opposition politicians offices and arrest them for imaginary wrongdoings. But that has changed with the arrest of Shadow Home Office Minister Damien Green MP.

This arrest is outrageous. No doubt the police will claim they have a duty to investigate the leaking of sensitive Government information. Of course, they're right..

I can only presume that as soon as they've finished with Damien Green, they'll be racing round to 11 Downing Street to raid Alistair Darling's home, as part of their investigation into how sensitive Government information, the key measures from the Pre-Budget Report, leaked.

While they have Alistair Darling in custody, perhaps they can ask him who blabbed price-sensitive information concerning Northern Rock, The Lloyds/HBOS merger and the Bank Recapitalisations to the BBC's Robert Preston.

But they won't arrest Darling.

Leaks that are useful to the Labour Government will be ignored.

Leaks that embarrass the Labour Government will be investigated with the full force of the law. A shameful double standard.

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The New Libdem Leader


You know it makes sense.

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Bugger, There Go Our Civil Rights

Every day I walk through Moorgate on my way to work. I work about five minutes walk from Liverpool Street station. I have worked in Tavistock Square where the bus exploded. So I am fearful. Fearful that New Labour will use these attacks as an excuse to get rid of Britain's remaining civil rights.

The attacks will be used to push through the Orwellian national biometric database scheme. Charles Clarke will claim that ID cards could have helped stop these attacks. Just like they stopped the Madrid bombings.

BEFORE this attack, Labour introduced indefinite house-arrest on police whim, mass electronic surveillance, and jail for anyone protesting in parliament square without government permission. So imagine how illiberal they'll be AFTER these attacks.

So, congratulations Al Qaeda! Thanks to you, New Labour will abolish all remaining British civil liberties in a knee-jerk reaction to your bombs.Our Authoritarian Daily-Mail-Pandering government will ensure that you win, through the very actions designed to stop you.

Some more thoughts of my thoughts on this attack can be found on my other blog.

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