Tips for Election Candidates #1: Learn to spell your own constituency name

A leaflet from the Bromley and Chislehurst constituency:


Poor UKIP. They still can't handle their Es.

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'Catcher In The Rye' Cameron: Brown is a "phoney"

So an observant private-school educated cynic, who got in trouble at school, is branding people phoney. Where have I come across that before?

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Help Me Win Election, Brown Asks Terrified Iraqis

The Daily Mash , Britain's answer to The Onion reports....

GORDON Brown flew into Baghdad this morning to enlist the terrified Iraqi population in his bid for re-election.

As the Tories sought to take control of the political agenda back home, Brown used his visit to the war-torn country to underline his credentials as a man who can meet the challenge of holding on to a £150,000 a year job.

'You are my electoral playthings,' the Prime Minister reminds British troops

Arriving in Baghdad, Brown said: "I have just got off an official plane in a very hot country filled with reporters from all over the world.

"Right now, David Cameron is probably in a second-rate Blackpool hotel room talking to the Daily Express about his favourite cheese.

"Leadership means being ready and willing to recognise that war, suffering and death can always be turned around and put to devastating political use."

Later today Brown will tell British troops that he will bring them home when it is in the best interests of the Labour Party.

He added: "These poor Iraqi people, being blown up every time they go to the shops, are an example to us all.

"They understand the importance of British democracy and my obsessive desire to destroy it.

"And as I stand here in Baghdad, with its occasional electricity and awful smells, I think to myself, 'I knew this would come in handy, I'm so glad I gave Tony Blair the money to do it'."

More true words can be found at the

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US Presidential Election 2008 - The Music Videos!

For decades there have been political campaign songs. But the official campaigns seem to have forgotten that in our modern age, all songs need to be released with a skimpy MTV-style music video.

Thankfully, the public-spirited marketing geniuses behind have stepped into the breach with I've got a crush... on Obama by Obama Girl...

McCain Mama...

... and Obama Girl v Giuliani Girl...

As a marketer, I bow down before such viral marketing genius.

Hat-tip: YBF Daily Activist c/o Iain Dale

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Veritas, Veritas, The Party of the Vain and Crass...


A great animation by Doghorse and Eclectech.

In all fairness to Veritas, I suspect only a minority of their members exist are vain and crass. 

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It's Dave Cameron The Chameleon



  • My initial reaction: That's great. It combines a political message, humour, and cute animals!
  • Second laters: Look a Chameleon on a bike! That's creative, plus added authenticity...
  • 10 seconds later: Following the scandal over Labour's hidden loans, cleaners on the minimum wage may shortly be paying their taxes to fund such childish (if amusing) campaigns. I don't think that's right.
  • Final thought: Labour have a bit of a cheek complaining about an unpopular party choosing a leader who says whatever he thinks his audience want to hear. Someone else has clearly had the same thought, and has registered

You may recall that I commented in Labour's Reaction: The Dog That Didn't Bark, that...

Labour really hasn't got a clue how to handle Cameron's election.

The Dave The Chameleon campaign means Labour have finally decided how to handle Cameron. They're taking the line 'Cameron's faking, he's really a Tory Toff'. That's a high-risk strategy. It draws attention to the Conservative changes, and will lose credibility as Cameron maintains his present course.

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[Hat-tip: Iain Dale]

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The New Libdem Leader


You know it makes sense.

[Photocredit: ]

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President Bush's Secret Weapon


Behind every successful world leader there lies a great speechwriter, whose masterfully choosen words resonate with the values and hopes of their nation.

In an exclusive interview with Comedy Central, Bush's main speechwriter, Harlan McCraney, provides a rare glimpse behind-the-scenes at the influences and philosophy that underpin many of President Bush's most memorable speeches.

The 14 Megabytes video is worth the wait. Requires Apple QuickTime.

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Stephen Byers Bomb-a-like?

Stephen Byers Look-a-like Magdi Mahmoud al-NasharIs it just me, or does the man alleged to be the bomb-maker behind the London attacks look strikingly similar to Stephen Byers?

The former man denies carrying out a premeditated attack on Britain's railway system.

Stephen Byers on the other hand... was unavailable for comment.

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Inland Revenue Form: Application For Mercy

Application For Mercy

Bureaucratic Government Forms + Photoshop + Wit + Too Much Free Time =


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