New Labour's Last Rites

Well, well, well. Labour's gutless brainless lobby-fodder have finally turned!

Blair's first parliamentary defeat has nothing to do with Civil Liberties. The rebellion came from a parliamentary party that had approved mass electronic surveillance without judicial oversight, that had introduced indefinite house arrest, and that had gave the government the power to suspend parliament and seize private property, in an 'emergency' like some fascist third-world dictator.

This rebellion signifies the end for New Labour and for Tony Blair. You can forget serious welfare reform, genuine consumer choice in taxpayer-funded health-care, and the reintroduction of Grant Maintained Schools.

Blair is now politically impotent. He can strike a pose and give a bulldozing speech calling for dramatic reform, but he doesn't have the parliamentary votes to deliver on his soaring rhetoric.

New Labour is dead. Tony Blair killed it. He didn't have the guts to use his majority when he had the chance, and now it's too late.

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Your Right To Protest Without Government Approval

I will apply for authorisation to demonstrate in the vicinity of Parliament every day for a month...

Sign up now! It's your right to protest peacefully without prior police state approval that's at stake.

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Bugger, There Go Our Civil Rights

Every day I walk through Moorgate on my way to work. I work about five minutes walk from Liverpool Street station. I have worked in Tavistock Square where the bus exploded. So I am fearful. Fearful that New Labour will use these attacks as an excuse to get rid of Britain's remaining civil rights.

The attacks will be used to push through the Orwellian national biometric database scheme. Charles Clarke will claim that ID cards could have helped stop these attacks. Just like they stopped the Madrid bombings.

BEFORE this attack, Labour introduced indefinite house-arrest on police whim, mass electronic surveillance, and jail for anyone protesting in parliament square without government permission. So imagine how illiberal they'll be AFTER these attacks.

So, congratulations Al Qaeda! Thanks to you, New Labour will abolish all remaining British civil liberties in a knee-jerk reaction to your bombs.Our Authoritarian Daily-Mail-Pandering government will ensure that you win, through the very actions designed to stop you.

Some more thoughts of my thoughts on this attack can be found on my other blog.

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Protest Against The Government Without Government Approval? Get Arrested!

In an astoundingly totalitarian move, the Labour government has made it illegal to protest outside Parliament, Downing Street, The Treasury, The Home Office, The Foreign Office and The Ministry of Defence, unless you have prior approval from the police state.

You have no right to protest. The police can choose not to approve your request to protest against the government. They may also limit the amount of time you can protest to, say, 4 seconds if they so choose and ban you from carrying a banner.

Anyone leading a peaceful protest involving more than one person, without prior police state approval, can be jailed for up to 51 weeks.

[via, c/o Non-Trivial Solutions]

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