NukeLabour's on Twitter.

In my quest for that perfect sexy body, I've been modelling myself on top male models.

John Prescott and Eric Pickles, since you ask.

You can imagine my surprise to learn that they're not just fine specimens of men but also tech visionaries! Frankly, they've inspired me to follow their example and join Twitter, so I can tweet along-side chav-hatin' slave-grown-banana-cravin' Labour candidate Stuart MacLennan.

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Bob Neill - The Perfect Candidate for Bromley & Chislehurst

BobneillI live in the Bromley & Chislehurst constituency.

Following the untimely death of Eric Forth MP, there is to be a by-election.

The choice of Bob Neill is perfect. I don't know of Bob because he's on some Cameron-approved list. I know of Bob because I've canvassed with him on quite a few occasions. He is the sort of person who was out on the doorstep canvassing, while some of the A-list were still in bed, and still in the Labour party.

He's the perfect choice. Good-natured, intelligent, hard-working, and a sound Conservative. I'm delighted he'll soon be my MP.

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Adam Boulton Predicts Blair Departure

Adam Boulton, Sky News's Political Editor:

"My hunch is that Blair sees the end of his Premiership drawing near. ...I'm not saying he's going to quit this year, but it doesn't feel as though he's looking much beyond next year."

From Adam Boulton Weblog

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Boundary Changes To Cut Labour's Majority

Labour's majority may fall from 67 to 50 next time round, even if everyone votes the same way, due to proposed boundary changes, reports The Times:

NEW boundary changes in England will lead to the scrapping of six Labour strongholds and the creation of 11 constituencies in the Tory shires.

The Boundary Commission will recommend new constituencies in counties such as Hampshire, Norfolk and Wiltshire while abolishing seats in areas such as Birmingham, Sheffield and Manchester. The changes will come into force before the next general election.


The average size of the electorate in Labour seats is 65,000, compared with 73,000 for Conservative constituencies — an unequal division of voters thought to be worth at least 30 Members in the House of Commons. The overall result would notionally cut Labour’s 67-seat Commons majority to around 50.

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